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婚姻就像一间房间,关上了门是整齐还是脏乱都没人知道。如果是整齐的话,那就是很幸福;如果是脏乱的话,很多人在收拾了一半后就放弃了,选择去开另一间房间的门。可是另一间房间到底是整齐还是脏乱,又有谁知道呢?—— 《Only You 只有你》

Friday, April 13, 2012



The night of February 2008, I was playing online game World of Kung Fu as usual at home. (Story describe below was happened from the game to the reality) There is a boy pass by when I chat with a girl in the game at Su Lin Forest.

Since we are using public channel so he can easily know what we were chatting about. When I tell my friend that I am actually a girl, then the boy suddenly says I am lieing, because there is many boy always create a girl character to cheating weapon or accessories in the game, so they not easily believe your gender from the character.

That time I was like...huh? I don't know him and wondering he says that, but I still try to clarify with him and end up we continue chatting and exchange MSN. When he shows me a group photo, and pointed me a long hair people, I still can’t assure is he or she as the photo is slightly small and blur. However I still get known his gender after a couple of chats but no further communications after this.

I was so lucky to join their group to avoid killed by enemy and this was the chance for us to go further (everyone can chat via group channel). When I know he is also staying Kepong I pm him immediately and he ask for a drinks. That’s was 4am. I try to reject and postpone to next day but he not allowed. I wondering why I reply him OK at the end and we met at a mamak called Abu Barkarh at Menjalara.

This is really a happy time for our first meeting and we dismiss at 6am, which is a happy memory. From the day starts, we used to come out for a cup of tea, a movie or a meal as normal friends. Time flying fast and until the day 23/4/2009 we go Look Out Point at Ampang, we decided to start our relationship so called, lover.

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Anonymous said...

呼!总算把文章都看完了~ 什么时候有宝宝的一定要在这里公告天下啊,呵呵~ 最后祝福你和你老公甜蜜幸福一辈子咯 =)

luvfeelin 乐飞翎 ™ said...


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